Thrifty Thursdays

This week’s TT is a great example of why this crazy weekly budget was invented in the first place.  I spent all my money on useless and random things I definitely do not need but were way too cute to pass up!


I am a sucker for cute, colorful, and whimsical items.  Thankfully Target provided all 3 of these qualifications for me this week.

1. Oh Joy! Cake Stand– I absolutely adore and am obsessed with the Oh Joy!  line at Target so this cake stand was a must.  I can already see it on the table for Easter brunch filled with some sort of tasty treat.  $25

2. Oh Joy! Beverage Napkin –  Clearly I needed these fun cocktail napkins to go with my cocktails this Summer.  $3

3. Mason Jar Plastic Tumblers & Pitcher – One of our favorite things to do when the weather gets nice (when that will be who knows) is sit on the deck and have cocktails and appetizers (preferably cheese plates).  I thought these were fun and festive and will look so cute with a pretty drink and straw plus if they tip over we don’t have to worry about glass going everywhere.  And, of course I needed the pitcher to fill with our fun and pretty drink.  $14

4. Colorful Linen Napkins- These will look so festive on the table Easter morning and I can use throughout the entire Spring and Summer as well as on the deck when we are eating.  $5.99

5. Sally Hansen Cuticle Stick– I bought this cuticle stick from Ulta because it’s a necessity for my nails when doing my own manicures.   $6.99

I also spent around $20 eating out with friends a few times.

Came out around $75 for the week.  Good thing because I have my eye on a few fashion finds for next week and need all the extra $$ I can get!

Thanks for Reading. XOXO.