Thrifty Thursdays

After I posted these pictures I realized the theme this week was accessories. A couple of the items I instantly fell in love with and knew they had to be purchased.  Another item I searched for several weeks before finding what I was looking for.


1.  These Target booties were sort of a regret.  I saw them several months ago at Target and thought about buying them but didn’t.  I regret that decision because every time I’d put on an outfit I would think about these booties.  I went to 3 different Targets before I found these in my size thankfully.  I am so happy I searched the city because I have literally worn them everyday for a week.  They are really comfortable, a perfect height plus the nude looks great with everything , and I am at a point where I am tired of wearing boots but not yet fully into sandals.



2. Mizzenmast Necklace from Anthropologie– I went into Anthro last week looking for a bowl and walked out with this beauty.  I was immediately drawn to the color palette and it’s versatility.  I normally don’t like to spend this much on what I consider “costume”  jewelry,  but if it’s a good statement piece you can wear with virtually anything then it’s worth spending the money.


h and m

3.  H & M Sun hat and straw tote– I can’t find either one of these online but they were just putting them out in the store when I went in the other evening.  I have been wanting a large sun hat and matching pool bag for our vacation next month and these are both perfect!

For both- $30

H & M actually has some really cute stuff now and I am thinking I already know of a few things for next weeks budget.

Total for this week= $123, but remember I had extra left over from last week so right on target. I love when that happens.

Thanks for Reading. XOXO.

  • Amanda

    I totally almost grabbed that necklace last night but couldn’t bring myself to fork over the money! So cute!

    • noelani

      Ha, really!!! Oh my gosh. Yea, definitely an investment.

  • Noelani – I am so glad we met at Go Blog Social. I love your style and already pinned a few items. I look forward to seeing you again. – Carrie –

    • noelani

      Hi Carrie! Thank you- I am so glad we meet too! You have great style as well. Hope to see you soon!