Thrifty Thursdays

Here we are once again for this week’s installment of Thrifty Thursdays.  Sometimes I feel like I am not very thrifty but I do stay within my budget and that is the name of the game.  A few days ago I was talking with a friend who asked me if anyone has ever said anything about the amount of my budget? I do understand that everyone has their definition of budget and while this is ideal for my family it may not be for everyone.  Since starting this series it has been interesting to watch what I am spending my money on and it’s always clothes or accessories mostly. That really shouldn’t be too surprising to anyone and while I wish I shopped for bargains, I rarely do.  It sounds strange since this is a post about budgeting but I am not and probably will not ever be a bargain shopper. However, I rarely pay full price for clothes unless it’s a do or die situation.  I am what you would call “brand loyal”, basically a marketer’s dream.  When I find a brand I love I tend to stick to that brand and that is very evident in my shopping.  There are only a handful of stores I would consider my mainstays so you will see a pattern with these Thrifty Thursdays.  Like this week.  It’s all about J. CREW.






1. Printed Espadrilles– I loved these the minute they came out, but have waited until they went on sale. I also thought twice since I just bought the printed sandal from Target that I showed last week.  But, that’s a sandal and this is an espadrille. Totally different.  This espadrille is on sale now in store for 25% off and online for 30% off.  I paid $33.

2. Vintage Drops Necklace-  This necklace was on the sale rack for $29 plus and additional 40% off bringing it to $17. The green color is everywhere right now and I have a pair of green pants from gap so I can wear this necklace with a white or grey top and those pants. I can’t seem to find the necklace online but it might still be in stores.

3. White Denim– Last weekend J. CREW Factory had 50% off the entire store.  I go through this every single Spring. I really want a pair of white denim because it looks so cute but I never find a pair I like.  Maybe someone is telling me I shouldn’t be wearing white denim and I am in complete denial about these.  But,  I was completely surprised when I found these and actually liked them.  They were $34.

4. Printed Top– Last year regular J. CREW had a top almost exactly like this and it sold out everywhere.  I was really upset when I didn’t buy it and was so happy when I saw it at factory.  The material is different but I love love the pattern and color.  It was also $34.

Total was $118 for the week but I had some money left over from last week.

Now, I need some feedback please.  Do you guys like seeing this weekly or would you like to see what I’ve bought for the entire month at the end of the month? There are a few items coming up I will need to save for a couple of weeks so there are times when I won’t have a Thrifty Thursday for the week.  Let me know what you would like to see. Weekly or Monthly.

Thanks for Reading and if you’re just joining you can see how all this started HERE.

  • Amanda

    I like it but it makes me want to shop 😉

    • noelani

      Haha!!! Sorry about that

  • Julie

    Aloha – I like it weekly just an idea though if you could share about an upcoming sale you know about – like the J Crew Store being on sale in your post before it happens – I would have loved to hear about that. Guess I should sign up for their email list… the printed top!

    • noelani

      Thank You! What a great idea Julie. Yes, I can definitely do that!