Thrifty Thursdays

I have been searching for a few pieces to take when we go on vacation next week.  On my wish list has been a couple of shorts, tops, and a new bathing suit.  I am still on the hunt for a bathing suit (sigh) but did find some cute shorts and a top that I am actually thinking twice about now.


Banana Republic
Old Navy
1. The Banana Republic printed shorts are so cute and yes those are elephants! I can’t wait to wear these with a tee or denim shirt, brown sandals, and fun necklace of some sort. I bought these on Wednesday when they had their 40% off one item day.  They came out around $33.
2. The Old Navy shorts are mostly for the pool.  They are drapey and flowy so the perfect lounge/pool attire.  This past week Old Navy had 30% off everything so the shorts were $18.

Old Navy

1. This top is really cute and I love the colors but now that I have it home I am second guessing. I am just not sure how much I would wear this top over the Summer. So, this might be going back.  The top was 30% off as well coming to $18.


These notebooks I picked up from Pottery Barn when I went  to get a gift.  I walked in and they were just sitting on a table starring me in the face. So, I picked them up and they came home with me. No, I absolutely do not need these but I love, love, love cute notebooks.  These will definitely get their use.  For all three it was $12.

This week’s total came to $81.  I would still like to find a few more pieces for vacation specifically a bathing suit. After that, I actually need to save for the next few weeks for 2 big items.  More to come.

Thanks for Reading. XOXO.