Thrifty Thursdays

Starting today I am starting a new series called Thrifty Thursdays.   Last November Nathan and I decided to put ourselves on a “budget.” I use the word losely because this is something we’ve never been extremely good at doing. But, after having London we decided we needed to look at our finances differently.  So, we or HE came up with a game plan for what we call our “fun” money.  Fun money is described as basically anything you want to buy that isn’t a necessity to live.  This includes: clothes, shoes, purses, jewelry, etc… which are basically my necessities.  I get $100 a week which I realize does add up over time, but $100 really doesn’t go far at all for someone who loves to shop.  This also includes if I want Starbucks or Smoothie King, which I could drink everyday, but no longer at $7 for one.

Anyways, we started this back in November which was a pretty dumb time to start considering Christmas came and the budget was blown and then London’s party, etc… So, we started again this month and DAMN! This is really hard considering all Spring and Summer clothes are in full swing and mama really really wants to shop.  I decided to blog about this because I think it will help hold me accountable and I can see what items I couldn’t live without for that week.

Here’s the first week’s items: Check back every Thursday to see what I needed that week.



1. The scarf from J. CREW was on sale for 40% off bringing it to $26

2. The magazine $5.99

3. The 3 Essie nail polishes because I couldn’t decide which color I liked best $27

4. I also purchased a gift for a friend $20

5. Couldn’t make it without a least one Smoothie King drink $7

Comes to around $86 which means I have $14 to carry over to the next week.

See, how this works.  Now, you feel my pain.

Thanks for reading. XOXO

  • Bethany

    I feel your pain! Jim and I have always been on a budget. And I almost always spend a chunk of my money on the boys. The things we do for our kids!! 🙂

    • noelani

      Thanks Bethany! I am glad someone shares my pain;)

  • Do you read InStyle regularly? If so, you may consider a subscription. It is way more economical than purchasing off the rack as it is one of the pricier magazines. Or if you have miles with United, Frontier, US Airways etc a lot of those have a redemption program of miles for magazines. I think in the past all it cost me was around 1500 miles for a year?

    • noelani

      I did have a subscription but I cut back to just Vogue and People Style Watch because too any things to keep up with. I just buy now for the big Season issue however I do love the magazine. I do have miles I could redeem though so thanks for the idea!!! Maybe I can get it back in rotation.

  • Julie

    Well under $18 is way better than over by $18 yes budgeting is in our world too with the change in employment status. At least you get to carry it over and not forfeit it. Plus we are saving for our cruise that was on hold for the past 3 years – good thing most of it was paid off before. Just remember sunshine and fresh air are free and so is walking. Just hope your weather is wonderful for ALOHA Friday tomorrow.

    • noelani

      Where are you going on your cruise? Now that’s something to definitely save for!! And yes, lots of walking in our future. I just wish it was along a beach somewhere;) happy aloha Friday!

  • Marnie L.

    Thanks for sharing your budget plans, Noelani… when you’re on a budget, sometimes it seems like you’re the only one in the world that is! I’ve discovered that Target carries many on-trend accessories at low prices, eBay can be a girl’s best friend for NWT (new with tags)/GUC (gently used condition) bags and purses, and many cities have consignment shops loaded with new or gently used clothes/accessories that can whet a shoppers appetite for something ‘new.’ And of course, is a great source for discount codes for online sites…hmmm, and who said budgeting couldn’t be creative? 🙂 Love your blog. XOXO

    • noelani

      Oh thank you Marnie! You have always had the best ideas! I will definitely be using these! Miss you. Xoxo