Toddler Tales


Right now I would love to be curled up in this bed with a warm cup of coffee starting my day off right. Instead, I am suffering from a lack of sleep and blows to the head all night long.  We ventured into unchartered territory with London last night and we are both still wondering what the heck happened. I put her to bed at her usual around 7:30 and at 8:30 she woke up screaming her head off. I went into her room and rocked her back to sleep until about 9:30 when she woke up again screaming her head off. This time the hubs went in there and I’ve never heard her throw a fit so much in my life, screaming and crying.  Finally, I went back in there and she kept pointing to the door so we opened the door and asked what she wanted.  She pointed to our bedroom and when we walked in there she pointed to the bed and said SLEEP.  We’ve never let her sleep in our bed so we weren’t sure what to do about this.

So, we caved and let her sleep with us which meant we also had to go to sleep at 9:30. This was a horrible idea because I laid there for an hour thinking about everything I needed to be doing since I usually don’t go to bed until around 11.  She fell asleep in about an hour so the hubs gently put her back in her crib. At exactly 1:30 AM on the dot she woke up screaming again. I looked at the monitor and the child had thrown all her blankets out and everyone of her animals and dolls she sleeps with. She was also trying to climb out of the crib. Yea, her leg was lifted over the bar and she was trying to figure out a way to get the other one lifted up. WTF?! Seriously, all I could think about was please don’t fall out of the crib because we haven’t painted your big girl room yet so it isn’t ready.  Long story short she ended up back in our bedroom for the night where she proceeded to kick me in the head all night long.  And, why do children and even dogs for that matter always have to sleep horizontal and take over the entire bed? Why can’t they sleep vertical like normal people.  So, I missed my 5:45 work out this morning due to no sleep, she’s up bright and cheery right now like nothing ever happened, and I am on my second pot of coffee. Oh, what a great way to start Friday.


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  • Oh my gosh! Mother of the year award – goodness! I feel like I need to send you a spa gift card and a hot Starbucks. I wonder what had her so upset? Here’s to hoping for restful sleep soon! 🙂