Vote For Best Outfit

Saturday we are taking family pictures outdoors for the first time.  Our last professional pictures as a family were when London was 12 days old.  I am so excited about these pictures and can’t wait to hang up and frame our first family photo.  The only thing I am worried about at this point though is what outfit London should wear. Should I do a dress or jeans? A sweater or no sweater? Shoes or no shoes?  I know it seems ridiculous but I need help! I have 6 outfits I have put together as options for London.  Help me pick which outfit you think will look best.  Please comment at the bottom of the post which outfit you like best!  Thanks for your help!


I look forward to seeing your votes!


  • Andrea

    I am stuck between 1 and 3. So I am voting twice 🙂 Can’t wait to see them. Can you do a wardrobe change? ha ha

    • noelani

      haha, yes wardrobe change! Good idea..

  • Jennifer Mertz

    I love 3 and 4, in that order.

    • noelani

      Thanks girl!

  • Jen

    I vote for three or four!

    • noelani

      Thanks Jennifer!

  • Bethany

    Four – I saw that dress at Gap. Adorable!

    • noelani

      Yes! From the gap!!! I get in trouble at that store.

  • Sarah Harrison

    2, 3 or 6. Sorry I can’t narrow it down more! The tiny pattern or 1 and 4 isn’t going to show up nicely in pictures. And I Think the graphic shirt on 6 is going to get lost. But you should also consider what you are wearing!! I always make Henry the “star” and plan our outfits around him. And I know this sounds crazy, but consider how those jackets are going to “lay” on her – they could be wadded up when she’s being held for pics. I think 2 might look the prettiest against green grass, leaves, blue sky. I am totally anal about family pictures.

    • noelani

      See this is what I needed! I knew I should emailed you!!!

  • Sarah Harrison

    And yes to shoes.

  • Sarah Harrison

    And seriously she has more clothes than I do! And more shoes! Henry didn’t own shoes until he started walking…!

  • Vee Robertson

    I like 3,4, & 1. Love all the cute shoes

    • noelani

      Thanks Mimi!!!

  • I really like 2 and 6….I think the whole family should do wardrobe changes!

    • noelani

      Thanks!I am really starting to think option 2, but Maybe we will all do wardrobe changes! Even Lilo!!!!