Weekend in Pictures

This weekend was jam packed and full of grandma fun.   My mom came to visit us on Friday and we were determined to show her a good time this weekend.  We were also celebrating my birthday a few days early.  When Nathan asked what I wanted to do on Saturday there were only 3 things on my mind.

1. Eating breakfast at Aixios- my favorite French restaurant in the city.
2. Go to the new aquarium with everyone and see what London thinks.
3. Back to Aixios for my birthday dinner.

The weekend did not disappoint and I am actually exhausted from all we did.  Can I just say it makes it even more special now on my birthday having a wee one.   Of course, she’s the only present I’ll ever need.   And maybe a handbag or two thrown in every now and then.

Of course, since this was London’s first outing to Aixois we went in full french attire.

IMG_2510Beret  − bonjour Onesie

I couldn’t resist the Croque Monsieur which is one of my favorites and I am sure very few calories.


Grandma and her little mademoiselle.


After breakfast we headed to the aquarium,  where I was worried London would get bored but she absolutely loved it all! She was so intrigued by all the colors. Nathan put her in the baby bjorn so she was front and center to all of the fish.  I loved watching her get so excited by everything.

She was even trying to reach out at one point and touch the jellyfish.



Later that night Nathan and I headed back to Aixois for my birthday dinner. There was really no other place I wanted to go. We had the most amazing food! We actually didn’t even end up getting meals.  We just ordered several appetizers and dessert of course! Obviously the wine was incredible as well.



We had all these major plans after dinner but by 10:30 we were both exhausted and ready for bed.

How was your weekend?

  • I love, love, love keeping up with you on your blog!

    • noelani

      Thanks so much Betsi! Can’t wait to check out your blog!