Weekend Links

6f960211203bf5dd7f8595dd60f5e1f7This week I have really been craving Fall weather and Fall fashion. Maybe it’s because it’s been in the high 90s all week and very unpleasant but I am ready for booties, denim, and cute jackets.  Here are some of my favorite links for the week.

Loving all the new looks from J. CREW and especially No. 8

Madewell has 20% off in between season items with code HOTANDCOOL, I am really thinking about this bag and monogramming it as well.

West Elm had it’s grand opening in Kansas City yesterday and I finally picked up this flatware that I’ve been wanting forever.

This look is everywhere for Fall but I just can’t get on board yet.  I love being comfy but this it taking it to another level. Only time will tell.

I recently ordered this print for my bathroom and am anxiously awaiting to receive it soon. I have taken more to ETSY lately looking for art.

My girlfriend turned me onto this site for those sagging Louis Vuitton bags. It’s a perfect way to keep your LV organized.

We are still doing Paleo however I came across this recipe and immediately wanted to make these, but will hold out for now.

I have loved my panama hat this Summer and am thinking about this Rag and Bone one for Fall.

Happy Weekend




  • Julie

    Have an awesome weekend! Enjoy wearing those cute Paris T’s before fall hits! CHEERS!!!

    • Thanks Julie! Definitely wearing as much as possible! Have a great weekend!