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Yes, I’ve changed the name of my Friday posts yet again. I ended up not loving the Latte Talk title so have decided to go with something very original;) Let’s talk about the weather and how I am so over rain, cold, and cloudy days. It’s almost May and I am still wearing my trench coat to work everyday. Where you at Spring? My parents have been here for most of the week so the hubs and I are hoping to get in a date night tonight. I also planning on having a glass of Rosé or two. Hope you have a wonderful Friday but before you do here’s a few fun things for the weekend.

Next week I’ll be sharing a post on my favorite Rosé wines but you can also read this one as well from the Coveteur if you are dying to know more about which kind is best.

Want to know everything about entertaining the French way? You know I absolutely do. Read this article here about The French Girl’s Guide To Entertaining.

And, one last French article for you. It’s actually a video I thought was pretty funny, 10 Ways To Be Parisian. 

Madewell has new arrivals and I am thinking of buying my first off the shoulder top, also love the color of this romper, this lace up top in stripe, and love this dress for vacation but feel like it belongs on someone tall.

Looking for a few cute tops under $30? Try this tassel one, this blush one, and this drape front(pretty in person).

Love J.CREW’s new rules for STRIPES. I particularly love #6 because they are never too young to start wearing stripes. London has already been fully educated in the fact that stripes are a basic and whenever we can’t think of something to wear we put on stripes and everything is better.

Be good to your planet, it’s the only one we have. Have a Happy Earth Day.