Weekend Wrap Up

Our weekend was extremely busy but also a lot of fun and I think we are all still recovering from all the excitement.  Friday afternoon London’s school had a hat parade,  which she wanted no part in and refused to wear the hat, hence the picture below.  So, we took her to the mall to burn off some energy and she was much more agreeable with this.



After we ordered our Friday ritual of Thai food from our favorite place.  This is usually the one night a week we eat out unless we have something to do.


I gave London some leftover tofu with broccoli from the night before. I wasn’t sure if she would like it because it’s cooked in marsala sauce which is a little spicy but clearly she ate it up as well as making a gigantic mess.



Saturday morning London had her very first haircut which brought a little tear to my eye.  She did such a fantastic job and looked so cute!




That afternoon we attended a sip and see for some friends who introduced their new little guy to everyone and we even had a few adult cocktails which was a nice addition.

sipandseetee/leggings/moccasins/denim top


After the party we headed home for about a hour so London could get a nap before heading to our next party for a friends son at Chuck E Cheese. I think my ears are still ringing from all the noise and screaming in there.  I haven’t been to a Chuck E Cheese in a really long time and it was mad chaos.  London had the time of her life and was wound up the entire time. It was really cute watching her get so excited and running around all over the place. It was also so much fun watching all of our friends and how their kids are growing up.  Just to think that 4 years ago you never would have caught any of us in a Chuck E Cheese and now it’s how we spend our weekends.



Thanks for reading and Happy Monday. XOXO.

  • Julie

    What a great weekend together as a family enjoying all the events! So cute on the haircut photos.

    • noelani

      Thanks! Such a fun weekend.