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makeup1One of my favorite things about reading blogs and following different people on Instagram is seeing what makeup products they are using. So, I thought I’d share what’s inside my makeup bag for you. Most of my main face products are from NARS, but I do use a few other brands as well. I started wearing NARS about 3 years ago on a recommendation from a friend. In these 3 years I’ve tried a few other foundations because they were the new “it” foundation, but I keep coming back to NARS. I haven’t found anything that works better for me.  A few products which aren’t pictured are the face and eye primer I start with so I’ve made sure to link those for you.

Bare Minerals Prime Time BB Primer– I start with this putting it all over my face before applying my tinted moisturizer. I love this primer because there are days especially on the weekend when I don’t want to use my tinted moisturizer so I’ll just put this primer on my face and I don’t feel I need any other makeup. Another plus, is this primer has SPF 30 so it acts as my sunscreen as well.

Bare Minerals Prime Time Eyelid Primer– I received a sample of this when I bought the BB Primer and loved it so much that it’s now what I use as my eyelid primer.  The one thing I’ve noticed about this creamer is that my shadow actually stays and doesn’t smudge or cake up as the day goes on.

NARS Tinted Moisturizer– This tinted moisturizer is lightweight yet provides enough coverage. I used to wear a pretty heavy foundation because I wanted a lot of coverage. This moisturizer provides the perfect amount of coverage for me with just a few swipes all over my face.

NARS Radiant Cream Compact Foundation– For when I want a bit more coverage I use this foundation. Most of the time I just use it throughout the day when I need touch ups specifically around my nose and chin area.  I don’t use this all over my face but just where I want a touch.

NARS All Day Luminous Powder– I use this powder to set my face after I’ve applied my tinted moisturizer and if I need to cover up any shine throughout the day.

CHANEL Joues Contraste Powder Blush– There’s a few products I use by CHANEL that I love and this blush is one of them. I also love their lipsticks and the Le Weekend De Chanel.

NARS Yeux Irresistible Eye Palette– For years I’ve used Urban Decay’s Naked Palette’s, but I really love the colors in this NARS palette. I just recently purchased so I am excited to experiment with the colors.

Estee Lauder Double Wear Liquid Eyeliner– This is by far the best liquid eyeliner I’ve ever used. It literally lasts all day long without coming off. The only way it even comes off is with makeup remover. I would highly recommend this liner especially if you love liquid. You won’t be disappointed in this one.

NARS Brow Perfector– My eyebrows are small tiny little things, so I use this to fill them in when needed.

CHANEL Pinceau Blush Brush– I never used to believe in buying expensive brushes but sometimes it’s definitely makes a difference. This brush is by far my most favorite blush brush. The blush goes on exactly how I want and where I want it to go.

Aesop Resurrection Hand Balm– Love this hand cream and I always have it on hand, literally. It’s plant based and smells amazing plus it’s not greasy at all. I do also use this Grown Alchemist hand cream, L’occitaine, and Aveda for my hands.

NARS Lipstick– I just started wearing NARS lipstick last year, I usually prefer CHANEL. So far though, I’ve loved the NARS lipsticks. I had one for the holidays that was great and I recently just picked up this one called Damage as an everyday color.

Would love to hear about any makeup products you love and would recommend.

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  • Sara Mueller

    So many great beauty products!! Thanks for sharing!

  • for my foundation and powder i always use clinique, but i think im going to buy nars then because i´ve heard good things about it. Thanks for sharing.