Why I Blog


maincollagemainblog2go blog 11My new friends- Kilee, Ariean, Angela, and Mandy

go blog 14And, my other new friends- Sandy, Erin, and Megan

This past weekend I had the opportunity to attend the Go Blog Social conference in KC to learn all about blogging and what it has to offer.  I also had the opportunity to meet some of the most amazing women and now new friends, which to me was the most valuable offering the conference provided. I had no idea how many creative, inspiring, and brilliant women I would meet over the two days. I left feeling inspired and my heart was full.  After returning home and trying to digest everything I learned I looked at my TO DO list for my blog, and became a little overwhelmed.  I’ve tried to put everything into perspective and decided to make out a list of Why I Blog in the first place and my rules when it comes to blogging.


1.  This is my creative outlet.

2. This is a way to connect with other women who share the same interests, values, and empowerment all over the country.

3. This is a good look into my life on any given day and a great way to look back and remember this crazy and amazing ride.

4. As crazy as it seems blogging challenges me.

5. After working full time all day and coming home to a wonderful but very active and opinionated 13 month old, sometimes it’s nice to drift off into cyberspace.


1. I do not blog until London goes to bed at night.

2. I try to stay off social media when I am spending time with London.

3. I try not to compare myself to other bloggers, and if I feel I am doing this,  I walk away from the computer or put down my phone.

4. I don’t always blog about my personal life because somethings you have to keep private.  Although, I share quite a lot there’s also quite a lot I don’t share and I never will.

The message I came away with most from the conference is to be yourself.  This is a really important message not only for blogging but also for life in general.  It’s so easy to compare ourselves to others these days especially with social media in our face 24/7.  But, at the end of the day we should be happy and proud of who we are and what we do.  Just try to be the best person, best mom, best friend, best daughter, best sister, best lover you can be and it will shine through. BE GENUINE.  BE YOU.  This was the main message from Jessica at How Sweet Eats.

Ok, enough with my soap box.  I do want to thank everyone for reading my little ol’ blog over the past 8 months already! I promise to keep bringing you the best I can.  It may not be everyday but it will be the best I have to offer for now, until I learn Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Light room, etc….  Let me fit that into my schedule…  Love you all!!! XOXO.




  • love this post and agree with a lot of it!!! it was SOOOO great to meet you at GBS!!!

    Sandy a la Mode

    • noelani

      Thank you Sandy!!! You are one of those inspiring women! I look forward to keeping in touch!

  • Julie

    Thought I might share “Why I read your Blog” it makes me feel closer to you than the miles that separate us – I look out the window at the house next door and have such fond memories of your entire family and want to keep you all close at heart. I pretend I am sharing my coffee with you when I read about your weekend, bargains you found shopping and what London is learning. Now about walking together – not the same thing as you being here at 6am. They are great and have inspired me to do ours about it’s five o’clock – lots to learn for sure but having fun along the way. Keep the blogs coming they are special treats in my INBOX

    • noelani

      You are so sweet Julie! This brings a tear to my eye! I am so glad I can share these things with you! Thank you for reading and for your lovely comments!