MADEWELL x SÉZANE is back for another capsule collection of quintessentially Parisian pieces that you’ll want to grab as fast as you can. I love this French brand and the fact that Madewell has done several collections now with Sézane. There are already several items almost sold out so you definitely don’t want to wait if you’re interested in a specific piece. At the top of my wish list is this blazer coat , this cape, stripe tee of course, leather booties,  a black jumpsuit, and this crossbody bag.




Fall officially started last week although with the type of weather we’ve been having lately, it’s more like Summer around here. This week is supposed to bring cooler temps and I am more than ready for a new season and a wardrobe refresh. With the new season brings closet essentials I like to focus on with classic pieces being my main staple. These are items that can be carried through year after year and basics you can build upon. All of these items are at the top of my list and I am sharing my favorites for the season. Some of these can be more of an investment but if it’s a piece you can wear year after year then it’s more than worth it in my opinion. Even if you can only buy one item for the season think about what you truly need and how many wears you could get out of the piece.





It’s hard to believe that it’s already August and Fall will be upon us soon. August is always one of those hard transition months for me. The temperatures are still really hot but Fall clothes are already showing up in all my favorite stores so I am ready to start buying. Thankfully we enjoyed some cooler temperatures this past weekend, but I am sure the 100 degree weather will be here a little longer. As long as I have some basic pieces to wear I can easily transition from August into the Fall season. Once it starts to get cooler outside I am all about layering and wearing a trench coat and having an option besides black and tan. I have a few long sleeve versions of this stripe tee but would love a short sleeve version to wear with jeans shorts and my white sneakers. Also love the idea of adding a little scarf tied around the neck. Burgundy is going to be a huge color for Fall and I am thinking this little pouch will be the perfect touch to pair with jeans and a blazer on the weekend. I could also throw it in my work bag during the day as well. When I was at the hairdresser a few weeks ago we started talking about my hair essentials and what kind of brush I use as well as hair dryer and curling iron. I have to honestly say I just use a cheap brush from Target but I have always wanted a Mason Pearson brush and am putting it at the top of my wish list. Could these pink mules be anymore gorgeous? I love wearing flats in the Fall with cardigans and sweaters and these pretty pink ones would take my look up a notch(would also love a black pair as well). What’s on your August list?




If you follow me on Instagram then you saw last week I purchased my first silk pillowcase. I’ve been reading lately about the amazing benefits and even heard from my hairdresser that I should invest in purchasing one.  I’ve been sleeping on the pillow for almost a week now and can already tell a few small differences. First of all, usually I wake up in the middle of the night sweating for some reason(could be the 100 degree temperatures lately), but since sleeping on the pillow I haven’t woken up at all with sweat on my forehead. I also have naturally curly hair which also means frizzy hair, but I’ve noticed this week my hair isn’t as crazy when I wake up in the morning. Apparently, the silk reduces the friction on your hair compared to a regular cotton pillowcase which could be thankfully why I have less frizzy’s.  Since the silk pillowcase is reducing the friction on your hair it only makes sense it would do the same for your skin. I am very religious about washing my face every night and putting on my eye cream and heavy night cream so why haven’t I ever thought about what my face is sleeping upon. Besides the fact the silk feels amazing on my face and not hard and rough like the regular cotton case I can only imagine as I continue to use it what it will do. I’ve heard it can help prevent wrinkles, again because your face isn’t rubbing up against something so stiff , and your face will appear softer. I have actually had a few people tell me this week my face looks nice but I don’t actually know if it’s because of the pillow or because I also recently started using Beautycounter.  Either way I am completely sold on a silk pillowcase and even read how Emily from Cupcakes and Cashmere travels with one as well because she loves them so much. There are a few tips though when buying a silk pillowcase you need to watch out for.

Make sure the pillowcase says 100% silk and it’s not a blend or a manmade silk.

Also make to look for a mulberry silk with a charmeuse weave as it’s the smoothest and highest quality.

If you use a silk pillowcase or end up purchasing one I’d love to hear your feedback and what you think.