Silk tops are a staple in my closet and I wear them several times a week mostly for work, but I love wearing them on the weekend with jeans also. I have several brands which I specifically go towards more than others mostly because I like the fit and feel and the way the blouse holds its shape. I also have a few tips for wearing silk tops with toddlers. I literally do not get dressed until about two minutes before we are walking out the door, this way there’s less time for something to be spilled on the top. I am also very conscious about the top when holding pens, drinking wine(specifically red), and I take the top off the minute I walk in the door from work. I don’t cook in the top, take out the trash, sit on the floor and play, etc. I know it seems like a lot of maintenance for one top but I guess at this point it seems like second nature when I am wearing them. And for all you new mamas, I didn’t wear them probably the first 2 1/2 years of London’s life because that’s just asking for an accident. My favorite ways to wear are with pants and pumps for work, I just ordered these pants and they will be perfect with this top. On the weekends I like to pair the top with my favorite denim, heels, and a leather jacket. A few of my favorite brands for silk tops: Equipment(Pricey), J.CREW(Can always get on sale), Everlane(affordable), Sezane(Offering express shipping through September), and Banana Republic(go to for work).