Didn’t Jenna Lyons say it best, “As far as I’m concerned, leopard is a neutral.” I couldn’t agree more with this statement. I will wear leopard with anything, tastefully of course.  Being that I have to dress up for work and am in and out of my car all day long, coats are a must have for me.  For most of the Winter months I practically live in my coats and some days you can’t even tell what else I am wearing.  So, what I am trying to say is that I purchase a lot of coats.  Most of the time I stick with neutrals except for the days I can’t stand the thought of cold weather and will wear a pop of color to brighten up my mood. I luckily came across this coat at Target of all places a few weeks ago and it was on sale, so it was a done deal.  It’s actually pretty warm considering I only paid around $50 and it has a cute little faux fur collar.  This coat is going to be a great addition to my lineup, it is a neutral after all.

Photos By: Melanie Knopke

Target Coat//Madewell Top//Banana Republic Skirt//Madewell Necklace//Tory Burch Robinson//Anne Klein Boots

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