Straw totes and basket bags are my favorite accessory for Spring and Summer because mine are usually filled with flowers, wine, bread, and headed to the nearest park for a picnic. I probably have more straw totes and bags than any other thing I own, I buy a few new ones every year but I can honestly say I use them all. There’s a cute little store near us called The French Market where I buy most of my French market bags but Etsy is full of similar look a likes all for reasonable prices. I love this one and this one from Etsy, and this one as well from Etsy. Nordstrom also has several cute ones¬† like this one and this one.¬† This bag from Clare V. is still one of my favorites but I haven’t pulled the trigger on it yet but I love that it comes in several colors this year. Let me know if you have a favorite straw tote or basket bag and where it’s from.