Quick Teacher Gifts

Last week was teacher appreciation week at London’s school and each day was a different theme.  I remember last year thinking that when this time came around this year I’d have pinned all these cool ideas from Pinterest and would have my gifts ready weeks ahead of time.  Oh, was I sorely mistaken.  That couldn’t have been more from the truth.  Honestly, I thought about these gifts each morning and found myself scrambling to put something together.  It wasn’t intentional not to think of them ahead of time, but hey life happens.  Thankfully I am the type of person that keeps random craft materials on hand for instances just like this.  I literally have 4 big bins full of crafty items I’ve either used at one time or bought because I thought I might use at some point.

1. Hand written notes of appreciation. I have a box full of note cards and birthday cards that I have collected over the years. Anytime I see some note cards, thank you cards, or birthday cards I love I always pick them up.  These I happened to pick up from the Target dollar bin one day.


2. Sweet Treats. I bought some iced sugar cookies from the grocery store, put them in cellophane bags, sealed them shut with a piece of washi tape, and used bridal shower gift tags to write a little note.


3. Flowers. I happen to have collected dozens of mason jars over the years and love to use them as gifts and to put random things in like cocktails of course, but that’s besides the point.  I bought some mini pink carnations because I love the dainty look of anything mini and carnations last forever. I took some twine and tied a piece around each jar and added a little note as well to thank them for helping London to BLOOM.


Again, I wish these could have been more appealing but it shows you can always work with what you have and turn it into something special.

Thanks for Reading. XOXO.

  • Amanda

    Love the mason jars!

    • noelani

      Me too! They are perfect for everything! Maybe a birthday cake shot for you;)

  • These are great ideas! I am totally behind the ball this year for anything teacher related – oops!

    • noelani

      Thanks Cate! I know it’s so hard to remember.