5 Breakfasts Under 5







Mornings are pretty crazy around here and there’s really never enough time to sit down and have a great home cooked breakfast.  We save those mornings for the weekend.  There’s 5 breakfasts that are pretty much on rotation for us during the week that take less than 5 minutes to put together. Most of the days it’s smoothies and juices and every now and then we will do some eggs, but we try to make sure it takes no more than 5 minutes to make.  These are a few of our favorite ones we are constantly eating.

1. Avocado Toast with Red Pepper Flakes- I use Rudi’s Sprouted Bread or Farm To Market Bread, toast and then add a little reduced fat cream cheese. I smash the avocado a bit and then add red pepper flakes to taste, so incredibly delicious and fills me up for a few hours.

2. Oatmeal With Fresh Berries- If I am ambitious enough then I’ll soak some steel cut oats overnight, but if not then it’s just plain instant oatmeal and I add whatever berries we have on hand. Sometimes I will also add a bit of Stevia to sweeten it up.

3. Berry Smoothies- One of London’s absolute favorites and so simple to throw in the Vitamix. We tend to switch up the berries but this one in particular was a whole banana, a cup of mixed berries(blueberries, raspberries, and pomegranate. Two cups of spinach, a few frozen pineapple chunks, a cup of strawberries, and Vega One protein powder in the Vanilla flavor.

4. An everything bagel with blueberries and coffee is pretty much the easiest thing ever.

5. Green Juice- Another London favorite and you can find the ingredients here for this juice.

Would love to know what quick and delicious breakfasts you’re serving up in the morning.

  • Loved all of these, and your pictures are beautiful!