Each year when I host my cookie exchange I always try and come up with a fun and festive drink to welcome all the guests.  A few weeks before the party a girlfriend and I had gone for dinner and drinks and ordered a couple French Gimlets with vodka instead of gin and joked about how I should make French Gimlets for the party. Two days before the party I decided to do a Christmas French Gimlet. It’s the perfect holiday drink with a little bit of sweet, a lot of Christmas color, and just the right kick to get you into the holiday spirit. That evening I served Christmas French Gimlets along with Champagne and my favorite drink accessory of all time, sugared cranberries which are so incredibly simple to make yet make any cocktail festive. Enjoy and I’d love to know your favorite holiday cocktails.

Cranberry Juice

Fresh Sugared Cranberries



St. Germain

I wish I could tell you specific measurements but honestly, who measures. I just pour each into a glass based off the persons preference and garnish with cranberries, oranges, and Rosemary. However, be careful how much St. Germain you add or it can be a little too flowery tasting, don’t add more than 2 ounces.

Happy Christmas Cocktailing.


  • Andrea Knittel Slater

    Yes!!! French gimlets are going to be our 2018 drink!