Trader Joe’s is my go to store for basically all our groceries with the exceptions of a few things. I am definitely a person that likes everything in one place and I can pretty much find everything we need at Trader Joe’s.¬† I try to meal plan for our week every Sunday, picking out different recipes online and going through my cookbooks so I know what I need when I get to the store. Of course, there’s always our go to’s that I purchase every week but the one thing I love about Trader Joe’s is trying all the different types of foods they offer. They actually have different produce items that I couldn’t normally get at the local grocery store.


Every Sunday besides meal planning and grocery shopping I also try and meal prep as much as I can for the week by roasting lots of different vegetables. My favorites are: beets, brussel sprouts, carrots, and sweet potatoes. My favorites to stir fry are: green beans, bok choy, cauliflower rice, and shishito peppers.

We like to make these pizzas on Friday nights or a night during the week when I don’t feel like cooking. I’ll even cook them for lunch on the weekends if this is all we have. Usually, I’ll make a vegetable as a side to go with the pizzas. They are both very light and have a pastry flakey crust that makes them incredibly tasty.

Like I said, I am all about convenience so these microwavable items make dinner very easy. I usually like to cook everything from scratch but there are nights when we have activities and I don’t have time to cook from scratch. Some nights, I’ll cook a package of Quinoa and throw some roasted vegetables in the bowl with avocado, sauteed spinach or bok choy, kimchi, and some coconut aminos. For the record, I don’t cook the rice or quinoa in the bag, because I can’t stand the thought of cooking food in a hot plastic bag, just screams cancer to me. I just cut the bag open and put it in a bowl and then cook.

These are a few of London’s snacks that I like to buy there besides the normal fruit which she loves. The child would eat bananas and blueberries all day if I let her. The rice cake are good plain or with a little jam on top of them.

I posted these dates on stories last night explaining that when I want something sweet and have no chocolate in the house I like to eat one date with a smudge of almond butter. It perfectly gives into my sweet tooth craving. I also like to put a few dates in smoothies sometimes as well.



I was going to do a separate post on some of my favorites from the Shopbop sale, but who wants to open two different blog posts. So, I am combining two posts in one. The sale starts today and runs through April 14th. This is always a good time to stock up on your favorites or order than investment piece you’ve been eyeing for a while. Here’s a few of my favorites and things I’ve had my eyes on lately.