My Favorite Valentine

In lieu of 5 Friday Favorites today I am giving you the best one Friday Favorite EVER!  London- My Favorite Valentine. Last weekend we were supposed to take London to have some Valentine’s Day pictures taken.  We had a certain time we needed to be there by because it was only lasting a few hours.  Well, the child decided to take the longest nap she’s EVER taken in the morning!  Clearly, we missed the pictures and I was really bummed.  Count on the hubs to come up with the idea of Valentine’s Day pics at home.  He said and I quote ” ugh, we have a camera. Go buy a balloon or something.”  So, I bought a balloon,  put on her little jacket I bought for her,  and we set up shop right in her bedroom.  I am sure the professional pictures would have turned out much nicer but we are happy with these and nothing is better than taking pictures of my favorite valentine.





Sunday we are scheduled to take her one year pictures with a cake smash, tutu, and all. Let’s hope we make it to this photo session. Have a wonderful weekend with your Valentine. XOXO.

Thanks for Reading.


  • Julie

    The pics are adorable! Love to you all!

    • noelani

      Thanks Julie! Have a great weekend.