First of all, Happy New Year to all of you. I know we are already halfway through January but I just realized I haven’t posted yet this year. Between work and weekend activities I’ve been so busy that I actually can’t believe we are halfway through the month already. We are in full Winter mood here and it’s been so cold lately that I find myself wanting to go to bed at 8:30 because it’s dark out, cold, and there’s nothing else to do. January actually is my least favorite month of the year, it’s post holiday blues, it’s full on Winter, dark and dreary outside pretty much everyday, and I actually become a little depressed I find. In order to get out of my Winter funk I have been trying to come up with ways to find inspiration and creativity. The bright side to all of this I guess is that Spring is only 65 days away.

A beautiful flower bouquet goes a long way. I buy myself fresh flowers every week from Trader Joe’s because they bring a smile to my face. For less than $10 I can get an amazing array of gorgeous blooms to spread throughout a few rooms in the house. I also love lighting my favorite candles especially in the kitchen and my newest favorite is by Mer Sea. There’s nothing better than an amazing smelling candle and fresh flowers to brighten up a space and make it cozy and inspiring.

Last weekend I started working on my vision board finally for the year. All the images and things that inspire me most, of course which is anything Parisian. A few people asked on my IG stories when I posted this picture where I got the board from. I actually made this board a few years ago and it’s super easy to do. I bought a regular pin board from Target and some material from Michaels. Then I just glued the material to fit around the board and put gold push pins all around the edges. I love a beautiful vision board hanging up in my office so I can see all the pretty things that inspire me throughout each Season.

Mornings at the museum are the most inspiring and there’s no better way to start the weekend. London is taking an art class on the weekends and I am really looking forward to starting my day like this for a few months. The museum has a new coffee shop that just opened and I will definitely be taking advantage of a latte and some quiet time. I am also excited to wander the halls of the museum and hang out with all my favorite paintings. Last weekend I was all alone in a room with Monet and Van Gogh and it was truly amazing.

Lastly, my kitchen shelves do bring me a little inspiration. The hubby and I joked when he was putting up these shelves that they would be more for decoration than actually serve a purpose. He might be halfway right although I do have some useful things up there.

I would love to know how you beat the Winter blues and what inspires you in the Winter time?