The one thing we missed more than anything from our last house was the library room the hubby created with the IKEA Billy Bookshelves. When we moved into our new house we immediately started thinking of ways to incorporate a smaller version into the living room. The last library room was actually dedicated to an entire room but in the new house space was the main issue. After about a year of discussing how we would incorporate the bookshelves into the space we finally both agreed on the perfect spot. We have two doors leading out to a screened in porch from the living room. One door is on the left end side of the living room and the other is on the right end side of the living room. We only ever went out the left end side door to the porch which left the right end side basically pointless. The door hardly let in any light and since we never used the door for anything we decided to cover up the door and put the bookshelves in it’s place. First, the hubby covered up the door with plywood and insulated the space as well. Next, we went to IKEA and picked out what kind of Billy Bookshelf we wanted. My favorite thing about the Billy Bookshelf system is you can customize how you need to fit your space. After a lot of measuring and visualizing we decided to go with three shelves in the space, this smaller shelf in the middle, this shelf on the left and this shelf on the right. First, the hubby put up two boards onto the plywood in order to anchor the shelves into the wall. To make the shelves look more custom we put crown moulding all around the the shelves on the sides, top, and bottom. I went to Lowe’s and picked out wood crown moulding that looked pretty basic and then once the crown moulding was put up, I painted it Benjamin Moore, Decorator’s White. Before the crown moulding went up, a boxed frame had to be put around the entire set of shelves, this was to help keep the crown moulding in place. Hopefully, this is all making sense. I swear, it was really easy and if you have any questions at all, please email me and I will try to answer as best I can. We absolutely love the way it turned out and it only took about a weekend to put the shelves up. The hardest part was actually taking out the door and putting in the insulation, so if you don’t have to do that it probably would only take a day or so. The last picture shows the shelves with the crown moulding and what it looks like painted white and decorated. The pictures aren’t the best quality by any means but hopefully you get the idea of how it was done.



  • Kathy

    Well done!! I love how it came out!! And I think you did a great job styling and arranging the items in your bookcases. Beautiful!!