If you’ve been following along on Instagram stories(which I am addicted to by the way), you’ve noticed we have started our kitchen remodel finally. Talk about a major process of making decisions(very stressful and lots of wine involved) but we finally have our plan together and everything picked out. The hubs is doing most of the work so we are planning on at least 3 months until the kitchen is completely finished. I wanted to share some of my inspiration and pictures that have helped me along the way.


We decided to go with an IKEA kitchen mostly because our kitchen is pretty small and we needed lots of space saving options. IKEA has been extremely easy to deal with along the way. You can pay them $199 to come out and they help plan out your entire kitchen. They have actually been out twice and each time spent about 4-5 hours with us making sure we planned out each corner and crevice.  The cabinets we went with are the  IKEA Sektion Bodbyn in white with silver hardware.


I have wanted a farm sink for years now as it reminds me of what a kitchen in the French countryside would be like. Plus, I want a sink that I can put all the pans and cookie sheets in at one time for easy clean up.


We are going with white quartz counter tops and beveled backsplash. I love the look of a clean and classic kitchen so white backsplash was the only way to go.


I’ve had an obsession with navy since we painted the library room Hale Navy in our old house. We don’t have anything navy in this house at this point so I am thinking about bringing in a few navy and white french bistro stools for the kitchen. We will have a space for a bar to eat and these stools could be the perfect navy touch I am looking for.


When we were first getting contract bids on the kitchen one of the contractors actually asked me if I really cook or I just wanted a double oven for looks. I had to laugh because this is one of the reasons why we are remodeling the kitchen. I am a huge cook who loves to bake as well, plus we entertain a lot especially around the holidays. A double oven was at the top of my priority list and when we started looking for appliances the salesperson showed us this oven with french doors. I was immediately in love with the oven but wanted to make sure it was the right investment. This past weekend we decided to go with this option and I couldn’t be happier. Above the french door oven we we will have another oven that also acts as a microwave as well. I have been pinning Fall recipes like crazy and can’t wait to use them to bake.


There’s an odd section in the kitchen which is too small for a cabinet so we’ve decided to go with open shelving. Part of me is so excited to decorate the shelves and find a way to make them as functionable as possible.


Patterned tile, need I say more. So, originally I wanted to put a tile on the floor and then two things happened. I realized how expensive it would be and then the hubs pulled up the linoleum floor and found the original hardwoods underneath. I am still really thinking about the patterned tile however and am considering putting some behind the cooktop now. More to come on this decision.


One last thing I am hoping for is a pot filler. This is still an ongoing discussion to make sure it can work, but I am really keeping my fingers crossed for this one. I know it seem so lazy, like why can’t I just walk to the sink and fill up the pot but look how cute this looks. Plus, it does actually serve a purpose.

I’ll start to post pictures with updates as they happen. I can’t wait to see how it all turns out.

  • I cannot wait to see more of the new place and your revamped kitchen! So exciting!

  • Julie

    Love all the white. Al wants to know where the wine frig is and maybe you can include the wine glass wood slats under the wall open shelf. Love seeing all the ideas

    • Thanks Julie! We are trying to work that into the plan believe me! Hope you guys are doing well!

  • Sara Mueller

    yes to everything! especially that pot filler!