Last Saturday I spent part of the afternoon attending an event hosted by the Bloom Academy and Ladies Social Hour celebrating moms and flower arraigning. This was absolutely my kind of afternoon filled with beautiful blooms, amazing food by the MIXX, and surrounded by some of the most inspiring and hard working moms in the city. Emily, the owner of the Bloom Academy, shared several amazing and game changing tips for your next floral arraignment that you can easily make at home.

Prep the Flowers

Emily likes to use a shorter vase with a wider mouth to allow for height and to be able to put more flowers in the vase. Start by prepping your flowers, take off all the leaves, cut your flowers at an angle which allows more water to get into the stem, and try to get your flowers at least 24 hours before you need them for your event. Try and buy blooms that are not fully opened yet. We talked about Trader Joes and Costco being great places to pick up inexpensive flowers but if you can also use a wholesaler in your area, that’s key as well. Also, if you don’t have any pruning shears to cut your flowers, Amazon has some great options and I highly suggest if you buy flowers all the time like me, that you get some shears to help you cut.

Start with a Nest

Start layering your flowers in the vase with the greenery first to make a base nest and give some extra texture. I love buying greenery from Trader Joe’s and they have so many options you can choose from. Also, look at your greenery and flower stems first before buying, if the leaves or flowers are mushy in anyway this means they are a few days old and you may want to choose something else. Also, try and keep your leaves out of the vase water if possible, they actually contaminate the water giving your bouquet a shorter life ( this was a tip that was new to me). Another pro tip, if your greenery and flowers won’t stay put in the vase, you can actually make a grid with scotch tape going across the top of the vase which will help keep them all in place (genius).

Statement Blooms Are Last

After you’ve added your greenery you can add fillers (Stock, Queen Annes Lace, etc..) but last comes your statement blooms ( Peonies, Ranunculus) You can add these at different directions and different heights to give dimension to your bouquet. Don’t cut everything at the same height. Lastly, make sure to change your water every couple of days to keep things fresh and voila you have a gorgeous bouquet.¬† Who knew flower arraigning could be so simple. If you’re wanting to attend a workshop, the Bloom Academy offers several throughout the year.

Thanks for such a wonderful afternoon Bloom Academy, KCStyleScout, Market Studio, and Ladies Social Hour.