When we first moved into our house we knew there were so many things we wanted to change about the house and the front door was on the list. The door was an old oak panel door where you could basically see right into our house through the entire door. I wanted a new front door right away but this was far from the top of our list so I lived with the door for these past two years. When we started to discuss what we were going to do to the house this year I asked that the front door be moved to the top of the list. Our dog had actually chipped one of the glass panels and I just kept thinking about the glass falling through and London stepping all over the place. I knew I wanted a colored door but I wasn’t sure exactly what would look good. When we went to Paris a few years ago we went to Versailles for the day and one of the rooms in the palace was blue. This picture gave me the inspiration for the color of the door I wanted to choose, but I worried that it looked better in my mind then how it would actually turn out. We ordered the door through Home Depot and were able to custom the door to what kind of glass design we wanted plus what color. It took about two months for the door to be delivered so I have anxiously been awaiting its arrival. I have to say it’s completely changed the way the front of our house looks. We are so incredibly happy with the door and I am loving walking down the stairs and looking at it every morning. Throughout this whole process of redoing our house it’s amazed me how much one thing can make a difference and this new door has definitely made a difference in our house.

  • it’s so good! love the color pop!

    • noelani

      Thanks Natalie!! I am so happy we went with this color!