My office has been a work of progress for basically ever now. We’ve lived in our current house for 4 years and I have only just felt this past year I finally had it organized and decorated how I wanted. Now, of course we are moving and I will have to start all over. When we first moved in it was tan(blah) color and very plain and I immediately started pinning images of what I had envisioned. I knew I wanted it to be white, bright and airy feeling when I walked in to sit at my desk. I turned to IKEA for most of my organizing and even my desk and rug. Oh, what would I do without IKEA being only 10 minutes away. I hope to have this same decor and feel in the next place although I know I won’t have the space. I’ve been lucky that this office is big enough to be a bedroom but that will not be the next case wherever we might end up.

Rug/Desk/Calendar/Cuyana Tote/Sheepskin Rug/Planner/Tape Dispenser/Diptyque Candle 

  • I love how simple and organized this looks! So fresh. I need to get my desk looking like this!

    • Thank You Natalie! Don’t worry, it will be a mess before long;)

  • Sara Mueller

    So bright and airy! Love the simplicity and your Paris prints!