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One of the major renovations we will need to do to our new house is the kitchen. It needs a complete overhaul from top to bottom. Currently, it has a drop ceiling, orange walls, brown countertops, and a horrible horrible laminate flooring. Needless to say it isn’t exactly appealing. I’ve been pinning images for months now of what I would love the kitchen to look like. Of course, my actual dream kitchen is no where near my actual budget but a girl can dream. The space of the kitchen is also a little weird how everything is laid out. My goal is to have a kitchen with the most function possible and one that feels open and bright. So far we’ve met with one contractor and have a ways to go before any final decisions are made. We are hoping to actually extend the kitchen a few feet to give us more room. A few weeks after we initially moved in I had IKEA come out and help design the kitchen. You can actually pay IKEA $199 and they will come out and design your entire kitchen for you. Then you can either install the kitchen yourself (um, no thank you) or pay them to install the kitchen for you. We will be using all IKEA cabinets and countertops in the kitchen so this was the perfect idea. The only problem is that now we are thinking of changing the layout again which means we’d have to start from square one. A few things I thought I was originally certain of ,was what oven I wanted. We entertain a lot especially during the holidays and I love to cook so a double oven was kind of a no brainer. I saw a french door oven and fell in love with the design and how it would actually function in the kitchen. ¬†Well, now that we are rethinking the design of the kitchen I am going back to my original pinned kitchen images and seriously thinking about a french range now from Lacanche. I mean look how gorgeous these ranges are and so many colors and finishes to choose from. The only downside is the only showrooms located in the U.S. are in Washington, LA, and New York. The ranges are actually made in France and depending on how it’s shipped could take up to 7 months to arrive. I have been googling nonstop reviews of the range to at least try and understand if it’s even worth considering. It seems like this renovation is going to take much longer than I had anticipated or even wanted so maybe waiting 7 months for an oven will be the best decision. I keep envisioning myself with French music in the background, a glass of Bourdeaux¬†in my hand, and Beef Bourguignon on my Lacanche stovetop.