Latte Talk

IMG_1341Usually, on Fridays the posts are titled “Weekend Note,” but since I start my days with lattes and the name of this blog has to do with lattes it only seemed fitting to change the name to “Latte Talk” and end the week with some friendly conversation.

Ready For: The weekend and sneaking in all the London snuggles I can. I’ve been at a meeting all week for work which has left me physically and emotionally tired. Plus, now I am behind on laundry for the week.

Will Be Drinking: Lots of lattes this weekend plus a few glasses of wine. Lately, I’ve been on a white wine kick for some reason and am loving Sauvignon Blanc. I also can’t wait to use my coffee press with some chocolate lavender coffee.

Doing: Mommy and me ballet class with London tomorrow followed by Disney On Ice. Saturdays are my favorite day of the week with her because of ballet. It’s so much fun watching her prance around plus one of her little friends is also in the class.

Craving: Warmer weather, the opening of the new Whole Foods right by our house which looks so much bigger and more modern compared to the one we have now,  and the smell of springtime flowers.

Waiting For: The new Cuyana tote colors to come out in a few weeks. I am wanting a new tote and originally was going with Black but am going to wait and see what other colors they will have for Spring.

Deciding: Needing a new pair of black slipper/sandals for the Season(not Birkenstocks). Can’t decide if I should go with Vince, Loeffler Randall, or Madewell. What do you think?

Loving: Young Living Oils starter set I recently purchased. We have been using the lavender oil in a diffuser to sleep at night and it’s heaven. The bedroom smells so great at night and is very peaceful and calming. After several nights in a hotel I couldn’t wait to sleep in my own bed so I could enjoy this again.

Wishing: You a wonderful weekend

  • guest

    without a doubt, the loeffler randalls sandals!

    • I think you’re right! Thanks for stopping by.

  • Sauvignon Blanc is my favorite, if you can find one from The Seeker winery, it’s great and under $20. Also, if you will give me your email, I’ll forward you my Cuyana early access email for the new spring colors.