When we moved into our house I knew immediately I wanted a mirror above the mantle and I also knew I wanted it to be Parisian looking. However, I didn’t know that it would take over a year to find a mirror I loved! One night I was scrolling through the Anthropologie catalog and there it was. I actually waited a couple more weeks until it was on sale but I do not have one ounce of regret about this mirror. It’s everything I was wanting. I’ll be doing a post on the living room updates soon.

Every now and then I’ll pop by a local floral shop by me that has the most gorgeous blooms. Most of the time I buy my flowers from Trader Joe’s but this day in particular I wanted Dahlia’s and I knew TJ’s wouldn’t have any. I am so glad I went into the Little Flower Shop because they had the most gorgeous Dahlia’s that day. Being in the Midwest we don’t exactly get the best flower shipments everyday but I can always count on this little shop to have what I am wanting.

shoes/J.CREW (I normally don’t like J.CREW flats but these are extremely comfortable)

This is the dining room at the gorgeous Palace Hotel in San Francisco and while we aren’t staying here next month, I did book us a reservation for brunch on Sunday. I had a recommendation from a friend that we must stop here on our way to Napa. It looks so heavenly so I can only imagine the food is just as amazing.

Yesterday I woke up before everyone else and took some time to enjoy the quiet. I made myself a nespresso, turned on Michael BublĂ© (for some reason I am obsessed with jazz right now), lit a candle and read a few magazines. The quiet only lasted about 30 minutes but it was seriously so nice having this time. Even if it’s only a brief moment, it’s so important to have the time to yourself to rejuvenate and relax.

This picture has to be one of my favorites ever of London and her two little best friends. Friday night, was their first football game at their school, and all the families went up for a little BBQ and get together before the big game. These girls couldn’t have been more precious. Nothing makes my heart happier than watching London with her friends and seeing the happiness they bring her. I’ll be sharing more of London in a week and a fun post I did of her.

  • Amber Burgess

    While everything in this post is beautiful, I’m especially partial to the friend pictures. So sweet and awesome to witness this friendship!

    • noelani

      Thanks friend!!! Love these girlies!

  • Sounds like a wonderful weekend! can’t wait to see more of your living room!

    • noelani

      Thanks Natalie! I just ordered a new coffee table today so might have to wait until it gets here:)

  • Michelle

    Love your blog and the picture of the three most adorable 4 year olds ever!!

    • noelani

      Thanks Michelle! I think they’re the most adorable also!!!!