Lately, I feel like I’ve been struggling to keep it all together. Between, working full time, having a family, and running a blog, the days seem to pass me by. There are literally weeks when I am not sure what happened because it all blurs together and moves so quickly. Basically, my day goes like this: wake up at 4:30am to go work out, come home and shower quickly, get ready and wake up London. This usually all takes place before I’ve even had the chance to have one cup of coffee to wake myself up. After waking London up, I am getting her breakfast ready and telling her 20-25 times to please get dressed for school. Then we are out the door before 8am and off and running for our day. After working a full day I usually pick her up around 5 from after care. Now, if Nathan isn’t traveling then he is always helping out in the morning thankfully but it’s still very chaotic it seems. After we get home in the evenings we are playing outside now that it’s finally nice for about an hour. I usually start cooking around 6pm, then we eat, have a bath, read books, and time for bed. By the time 8:30 rolls around I am exhausted and ready for bed myself but obviously the hubby and I like to spend some part of our evenings together watching one of our Netflix shows. Our weekends are usually jam packed with activities between soccer games, birthday parties, and trying to do anything and everything we can to enjoy our time together.  My mom is so funny because during our daily conversations she always says to me how we are so busy and she doesn’t know how we do it all. I don’t feel like we are any less or anymore busy than anyone else though? I guess it’s just all how you look at things. We are as busy as we want to be really. I don’t have to blog but for me it’s my hobby and something I am very passionate about, therefore I make time to make it happen. We can say no to birthday parties and other activities and sometimes when we are feeling super overwhelmed we do. There are also times when we each take time out to just decompress and do our own thing because I do believe that as important as family time is together, it’s also important to have alone time as well. For me, that could mean heading to a local coffee shop for an hour or two, waking up early on the weekends before anyone else, or for Nathan it’s heading to the golf range or reading a book somewhere alone in the house. Whatever it may be it’s important to take time for yourself. We live in a world where everything is moving so quickly and I feel like especially with social media we always feel like we must be doing something. At the end of the day though stop and take some time out and enjoy the moment and try and not get caught up in the constant rat race of life.