AHHH, the Nordstrom yearly sale is here once again, but I have to be honest. I was less than impressed this year. Usually, I take advantage of this sale bright and early with a list a mile long but this year I just wasn’t really into shopping the sale. I had five things on my list that I was interested in and I bought all 5 but nothing else. In years past, I feel like I have bought so many items because I thought the sale was the best thing only to end up being disappointed with them once it was time to pull them out of my closet. Here’s what was on my list.

1. Booties- a brown and black pair

2. Cream Sweater/Pullover

3. Cardigan

4. White Tee

5. Camel Coat

Here’s what I ended up buying, I did all of this online, so some of the items I wasn’t sure on size so I bought duplicate and will just return what doesn’t work. This Topshop Camel Coat, I absolutely love this color and the shape of this coat. I am so hoping this will fit properly as it’s probably my favorite thing so far. This Free People sweater in the cream color but not sure how this will fit. It looks a little short and cropped so I’ll have to see where it hits on me. I am weird about where my sweaters hit me so I’ll have to see about this one. I usually always stock up on a few Madewell cardigans and this one made it into my bag this year. I can’t wait to wear this with jeans and booties when it starts to get cooler. I also ordered this Topshop cardigan in the rose color but again this is questionable. I had to order a larger size than I would have wanted because it’s selling out quick so I’ll have to see how this looks when it arrives. I love the color and it looks so cozy. This fleece jacket was also on my list for weekends and running around, last year’s sold out quick so I missed out. Booties were at the top of my list but without being there to try them on in person it makes it kind of hard to know. I ordered two pairs so far but might throw a few more in there because I am not totally sold on these.  I went with these in the black color   in the foxy suede. 

Things I loved but didn’t need so I left them off the order this year are this trench coat, this navy blazer( I might kick myself on this one but I have two navy blazers already), and this coat(beautiful but I already ordered the camel coat). There’s still several weeks left of the sale so who knows if I maybe find a few other things I can’t live without but for now that’s all.