beachwearWhile we are in Texas I am hoping to escape down to the beach for the day. I haven’t been to Galveston in about 15 years and am really looking forward to a little fun in the Sun with London. Our plan is to spend some time in the water and some time walking around and exploring the area and stopping for a bite to eat. Whatever the day holds though I plan to be comfortable and beach ready.

Look One


Look Two

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  • I have that One Truffle pouch and love it! We went down to Houston in February and made our way to Galveston 🙂 I hope you guys have a great time!

    26 and Not Counting

  • That black one-piece is a stunner! I have that sea salt spray and I’m not convinced I love it yet. It does smell amazing. Lavender can do no wrong! Enjoy the beach, Noelani!


  • So good to see you today! Hope you enjoy Galveston and that the rain stays away!

  • Sara Mueller

    I love the SuperGoop! Beautiful round-up of beach things Noelani!