When it comes to tees, I am a complete sucker for anything with some sort of French word on the front. I know, that makes absolutely no sense but what can I say. I have 3 tees that all say MERCI, yet when I saw this one at Anthropologie I knew it was coming home with me. The other two tees I have are navy and mustard but this simple black and white takes the cake. I paired it with a pair of Madewell Denim, because really is there any other kind, besides Madewell and these Banana Republic slides for a casual dinner a few weeks ago. My mom was in town and the hubs and I decided to go out for an impromptu bite. As we were driving to dinner, I told him to pull over so we could snap some shots. Just so you know, the only time we usually take pictures are Saturday mornings. We all wake up early Saturday mornings and I lug him and London all over the city looking for a place to take outfit pictures. This is the only day we can both commit to being able to shoot some photos. Somebody asked me yesterday why I only take pictures on Saturday and well because both of us have full time jobs so we can’t do it during the week. Anyways, when we had a free evening we took advantage of not only dinner but some photos as well. I was hesitant about these slides when I first tried them on but I have been wearing them nonstop since I purchased them. They have been perfect with denim, shorts, and even a few little casual dresses. I will be wearing these little guys right into Fall. Also, since we are not professional photographers in anyway you might notice a difference with the photos every now and then. The hubby just recently picked up a new lens and we’ve both been trying to learn more about taking pictures and editing them. It’s not as easy as you might think. You can shop the rest of the look here.