My denim jacket has been a staple in my wardrobe for years. Actually, I think I bought my first denim jacket when I worked at GAP way back in high school. I always felt though at times I wished it were a little longer instead of hitting right at or near my waist area. When I saw this at Madewell this year I was so excited. I actually think they had this last year but this year I really noticed this jacket. It’s basically what I’ve been wanting in a denim jacket. Some might think it’s silly to own two denim jackets but I feel like they give a completely different look. I will wear this longer one with crop pants and my white denim and probably save my shorter one for shorts and rompers. I could also see myself wearing this for work with pants a silk tank and a little neckerchief. We shot these pictures last weekend when it was so incredibly windy outside that I am surprised my hair is even somewhat intact in these pictures. I paired the jacket with these crop pants from Everlane which I’ll talk about in a future post, this tee from J.CREW ( which by the way I looked at how many J.CREW graphic tees I own and it’s absurd) and these cute striped shoes from ZARA that have a little hint of pink on the back.


Denim Jacket- Madewell / Crop Pants- Everlane / Circle Bag- Madewell / Tee- J.CREW/ Shoes- ZARA