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One of the main elements which drew me to our new home when looking was the living room and dining room. The house still has the original light fixtures meaning chandeliers and wall sconces. It also still has original crown moulding and when I saw the crown moulding in the living room with gold wall sconces it reminded me of a Parisian apartment. Instantly, I knew this was the right house. The house has a very European feel and I am loving all the original details. We have so much work to do but the bones of the house are incredible and though it will take lots of time to complete it feels we are right where we are supposed to be. I have been pinning away on Pinterest lots of different Parisian images and trying to get a feel for how I want to decorate. We are trying to use existing furniture for the time being but this way I can be picky about what I want. I do know I want a Parisian vibe and will be pulling lots of elements from images I am pinning. I also started following french_manoir on Instragram this week after it was recommended to me about a lady who is restoring a chateau in Loire, France. I am hoping to get lots of inspiration from her and also going back through our Paris pictures as well. I can’t wait to share details of the house as we complete different projects, but I am sharing some of the main essentials to any Parisian inspired room.

  1. Art Print– Obviously, someone living in Paris isn’t going to have this hanging in their apartment, but I don’t live in Paris so I’d love to have this on my walls. I also love vintage drawings and impressionist paintings.
  2. Vintage Chandelier– A Parisian home isn’t complete without a chandelier to bring in a little sparkle and elegance to the room.
  3. Gold Bar Cart- Touches of gold add a bit of opulence and there’s ways to bring it in without overdoing the room. A bar cart is the perfect way to do this and there are so many options. I also love this one for a cheaper version.
  4. Diptyque Candle– Candles bring a sense of ambiance and calm to a room. I constantly have my Diptque candles burning and there’s nothing I love more than a great smelling room. Plus, you can’t go wrong with candles actually made in Paris. My favorite scents are Roses, Fig, and 34.
  5. Coffee Table Books– In most Parisian homes you will find endless amounts of coffee table books and I can’t say I blame them one bit. I am a sucker for coffee table books full of visuals and inspiring details.
  6. Wingback Chair–  homes are eclectic mixing the old and the new but you will pretty much always find a classic Wingback chair or even a Louis XV style piece of seating. We have some wingback chairs we brought from the old house which are green. They specifically went with our navy library room there and I am trying to figure out ways to incorporate them into the new space.
  7. Gold Antique Mirror– A mirror is a great way to open up a room and add dimension. If you google any image of a Parisian home it’s usually over the mantle or sitting on the floor. I am hoping to get to the antique markets in the next month to see if I can find one there without having to order online.