If you follow me on Instagram then you saw last week I purchased my first silk pillowcase. I’ve been reading lately about the amazing benefits and even heard from my hairdresser that I should invest in purchasing one.  I’ve been sleeping on the pillow for almost a week now and can already tell a few small differences. First of all, usually I wake up in the middle of the night sweating for some reason(could be the 100 degree temperatures lately), but since sleeping on the pillow I haven’t woken up at all with sweat on my forehead. I also have naturally curly hair which also means frizzy hair, but I’ve noticed this week my hair isn’t as crazy when I wake up in the morning. Apparently, the silk reduces the friction on your hair compared to a regular cotton pillowcase which could be thankfully why I have less frizzy’s.  Since the silk pillowcase is reducing the friction on your hair it only makes sense it would do the same for your skin. I am very religious about washing my face every night and putting on my eye cream and heavy night cream so why haven’t I ever thought about what my face is sleeping upon. Besides the fact the silk feels amazing on my face and not hard and rough like the regular cotton case I can only imagine as I continue to use it what it will do. I’ve heard it can help prevent wrinkles, again because your face isn’t rubbing up against something so stiff , and your face will appear softer. I have actually had a few people tell me this week my face looks nice but I don’t actually know if it’s because of the pillow or because I also recently started using Beautycounter.  Either way I am completely sold on a silk pillowcase and even read how Emily from Cupcakes and Cashmere travels with one as well because she loves them so much. There are a few tips though when buying a silk pillowcase you need to watch out for.

Make sure the pillowcase says 100% silk and it’s not a blend or a manmade silk.

Also make to look for a mulberry silk with a charmeuse weave as it’s the smoothest and highest quality.

If you use a silk pillowcase or end up purchasing one I’d love to hear your feedback and what you think.



  • Never heard of these! Sounds amazing – definitely checking them out.