Handbags, my one true vice in life that I am constantly thinking about. I’d like to say I gained my love of handbags from my grandmother. I remember she was always dressed perfectly and her outfit was polished off with a beautiful handbag. Still to this day I can remember every time I’d visit her in Hawaii, I’d go looking through her closet to see what new handbag she had. Next month we are going to San Francisco for a few days before heading to Napa and I am hoping to do some shopping. First thing on my list of course is a new handbag. I have a few bags already on my mind and I actually just sold a few recently on EBAY and am hoping to put this money toward a new bag. Unfortunately, my love of handbags comes with a heavy price tag. Not sure why I am drawn to pricey handbags but I am. The very first two on my list would be a C√ČLINE Micro Mini Belt Bag and a CHANEL Wallet On A Chain. A few more realistic options are below and probably more likely to happen but hey a girl can dream.

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  • yes! I LOVE that black mango one – so classic!! Hope you’re having a wonderful weekend!

    • noelani

      Yes! Mango has some amazing bags right now!!!