The Never Ending Black Pant Search







For years I have felt like I am always on the never ending search for the perfect black pant. I buy at least 3-4 pairs a year always hoping they would be the ones. In all of those years, I have truly found about 3 that I would classify as the best black pant ever, this pant would be one of them. There are several reasons I love this pant with the hem being the absolute first, I love where the pant hits allowing me to wear it with heels or pumps and it’s still the perfect length. I also love the way it drapes in the front, and the side stitching reminds me of a tuxedo pant. It’s also on sale right now too which is always a plus. If you’re looking for a new black pant, I’d suggest giving this one a try.

Photos By: Melanie Knopke

J. CREW Top//Banana Republic Pants//Banana Republic Pumps//J. CREW Regent Blazer//J. CREW Downing Tote

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