CAUDALÍE BEAUTY ELIXIR – This beauty elixir is amazing for a mid-day face refresher. It smells so good because it has grape, orange blossom, rose, balm mint, and rosemary mixed together plus it feels incredibly refreshing. I just spritz it on my face in the afternoon and it perks me right up.

CAUDALÍE OVERNIGHT DETOX OIL – Absolutely my favorite beauty product I am currently using. I started using this about a month before we went to Paris on the recommendation from someone at Sephora. I was looking for something to help with my tired looking skin and to help prevent wrinkles, but I didn’t necessarily want another nighttime lotion. I have 100% noticed a difference in my skin since I started using this oil. It doesn’t feel as dry when I wake up, it has added a little glow to my skin, and overall my skin feels amazing. I don’t use it every night as I rotate every other night between this and my La Mer cream, but I highly recommend this oil if you are looking for something to help your skin. I bought another bottle in Paris because it was actually half the cost at the French pharmacy as it is here in the states. This would definitely be a reason why I should be making yearly trips to Paris to load up on products.

NUXE-RÊVE de MIEL LIP BALM –  I get pretty bad chapped lips when it starts to get cold and am always looking for something to save my lips. This lip balm has been doing wonders since I’ve been wearing it and a little dab goes a very long way. I saw this at Target the other day but again it was double the price I paid for it in Paris.

NUXE HUILE PRODIGIEUSE- DRY OIL SPRAY – This is a multi-purpose oil and it’s perfect for everything. I spray it on my hair to keep the ends from being so dry, I rub it on my cuticles at night before I go to bed, and put it on my chest after I get out of the shower. Plus, it has the best smell ever.

BIODERMA SOOTHING REPAIR CREAM – I have some scarring on my face and had read some good reviews about this before I left so thought I’d give it a try. I’ve been using for almost two months now and the jury is still out. I can’t say I’ve noticed a huge difference in my scarring at this point. I am going to continue to use though and will keep you posted.

KLORANE DRY SHAMPOO WITH OAT MILK– For someone who doesn’t wash their hair everyday, this is a miracle. I used to buy dry shampoo from Target but it got to the point where I couldn’t stand the smell. I don’t have a problem with this dry shampoo and it’s seriously the best I’ve ever used. Besides not leaving a harsh smell it also doesn’t leave any residue like some other ones I’ve tried in the past. The only problem with this is that I should have bought more cans. It was around $4 at the pharmacy in Paris and it’s $20 at Sephora here.

I had a huge list of products I wanted to buy before I left but a French Pharmacy can be a little overwhelming. The first one I went into in Saint Germain was wall to wall people and I could hardly move yet look around. I didn’t get everything I was hoping for but next time I will know how to navigate it a little better and plan to walk out with a cart full of products. Just by using these products here I am convinced the French do beauty products the best. So for now, I will have to use the ones I currently have and just order them online. I’ve told the hubs on numerous occasions that I should just be able to go to Paris once a year to get all my products and that I could actually save us money by doing that. So far, he isn’t buying my story.

  • I have heard/read amazing things about that dry shampoo!