This weekend we are headed to San Francisco for a few days to celebrate our anniversary and then off to Napa for the rest of the trip. I am so excited for a much needed vacation and some time with the hubs. Don’t get me wrong, I love our family trips, but the hubs and I also love our alone time just as much. I lived in San Francisco when I was in 8th grade for about 9 months but this will be the first time I’ve been back and exploring the city. We will be in the city for about 2 1/2 days and plan to make the most of our time. I have an entire list of places I want to see and food I want to eat but I am sure we won’t make it to half the places. We aren’t huge tourist people so honestly we don’t care about seeing the big touristy places and would rather just wander the different neighborhoods. Initially, we were staying at a Marriott but recently changed our reservation and are now staying at the PALACE and I couldn’t be more excited. I’ve heard incredible things about this hotel and the pictures are insanely beautiful. The hotel is located in Union Square along with most of the shops on my list. Whenever I go out of town to a city that’s filled with all these amazing stores I literally feel like I am losing my mind. I seriously have my agenda already filled out with the stores we will be visiting. What’s on the list? ZARA would be first because we have no ZARA and I have to order everything online, so being able to go into an actual store is like Christmas to me. Next up; Diptyque, these are my favorite candles and the last time I was able to visit Diptyque was in Paris. I will definitely be coming home with a few new scents. Right next to Diptyque is CHANEL, so we might as well walk in there since it’s next door, plus I am still trying to decide what type of bag I want to buy while we are there(remember, I sold a few other bags online to prepare for a new purchase). Cuyana is also located in San Fransisco and this is another retailer I’ve only been able to purchase online, so I am really excited to visit this space in person. Of course, all this shopping will make us hungry so I’ve already booked several reservations for us.  I am sure you’ll be surprised to know that we will be visiting several French bakeries and for our anniversary dinner we are going to Petite Marlowe. Other places on the list include: Le Marais, Roses’ Cafe, The Riddler, and Leo’s Oyster Bar. Again, not sure we will make it to all these places but we will try. On Sunday before we head out to Napa, we are going to make a stop in Sausalito for a bit to walk around. Several friends have recommended seeing this quaint little town so we thought we should make a stop.

The Palace
Petite Marlowe
Rose’s Cafe
Union Square
The Riddler
Le Marais Bakery


  • Sarah harrison

    Pretty sure there’s a Goyard in SF —- ultimate French girl bag!

  • Kerry Ann Wells-Masoner

    Rose’s Cafe sits on Union Street right in the middle of my old neighborhood. This area is close to Marina and if you visit the cafe, walk towards the bridge and check out Chestnut street and Marina Greens. San Francisco has a way of pulling you in and not letting go 😉