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One of the things on my Paris bucket list was to visit as many farmer’s markets as I could. Besides all the fresh flowers at the market I wanted to see all the fresh cheese and olives and fruit. I remember our last trip to Paris several years ago and the market was one of our best memories. This time my mom, Nathan, and myself went one Wednesday morning for several hours to the Marché Maubert. I could literally spend all day at a french market and there truly is nothing like them. We walked around and tasted the fruit, were given samples of cheese, and I ended up picking up some fresh bread and roses to take back to our apartment. After the market the three of us went across the street to a cafe for a few hours where we had a bottle of Rosé and cheese plate. The morning ended with a little shopping at Isabel Marant where I picked up a coat and pair of boots. I still dream about the markets and only wish I could have fresh bread and flowers everyday as the Parisians are able to enjoy.